Hurricane Season in the South

Whereever you are in Florida, Southern Alabama, Mississippi,  Louisiana, or Texas, you know that Hurricane season is just around the corner. Just last night Tropical Storm, Gordon made landfall in the Panhandle and Gulf Coast area. Although it died down significantly, you can never bee too prepared for mother nature’s force.

Here are some tips on what to do to prepare for the worst.

  1. Build a disaster kit- Buy enough food and water to last a few days, canned goods are extremely acceptable for an event such as this. Stocking up on bottled water too, is best as during hurricanes water can become contaminated from flooding.
  2. Prepare your fridge and freezer- Eating foods that will expire the fastest are the best options. Store as much water and fluids as possible as well.
  3. Have all you prescription medications stocked up- Making sure you have at least a months’ supply that you or your family takes on a regular basis. Putting your health at risk is something to avoid during a storm.
  4. Having the necessities- First aid kit, hygiene products, light sources, batteries, and a can opener. 
  5. Taking the correct supplies with you- Jumper cables, cans of gas, flares, and old fashioned maps. If you are forced to evacuate space will be tight, but these are necessities. 
  6. Checking your disaster kit routinely- Every few month check expirations of products, and inventory
  7. Checking you Home Insurance-making sure you have your papers on you, and that everything is up to date.
  8. Securing your home- Protecting your windows with plywood, and turning off the water and gas in case of evacuation
  9. Planning your evacuation route- planning in advance to avoid traffic is not a bad idea.
  10. Purchasing a generator- you never know how long you will be withour power, and this is so important.
  11. Stay on top of the news- don’t wait until the last minute to take advice, listen early on and prepare.

Hopefully you never have to implement any of the following but, as the season approaches it is good to be prepared either way.